‘Brew Nutrition’ – The Talk Show by KSAC

Keurig – the Food Society of KSAC, KIIT conducted a live talk show on Healthy Eating and Healthy Living during and post COVID-19 pandemic with nutritionist and diabetic educator, Ms. Niharika Dash, who is also an actress by profession, on 8th November 2020. It was aired live on KSAC’s official facebook page. The session was very insightful and informative.

Ms. Niharika Dash lucidly illustrated how important health is and how to maintain it. Starting from lukewarm water to a proper balanced diet everything was addressed with perfection and clinical precision. For instance – How to diminish the craving for sweetness when on diet? Simple! – Go for Dates! Or Drink a glass of warm water! Either of this will surely help with the craving and make it go away.

Similarly, what to go for, ‘Rotis or rice’, when on a diet ? Rotis can be counted right! But not Rice! That’s where the biggest worry comes. While the intake of Rice, the amount is never certain because if the curry is delicious then the person ends up having a huge portion of it. But Rotis are either taken two or three, so there’s also a certainty of the amount and it cannot be taken in larger amounts even if the curry is absolutely delicious.

Also, the secret mantra on how to stay healthy even after consuming ice-cream or anything sweet was revealed by Ms. Dash. “Well, before having an ice-cream, always drink a glass of warm water or lukewarm water. That way a reduced amount of fat will be deposited and this way you will gain less weight than usual”, she explained. Many more queries and doubts like this relating to diet and a healthy life were asked and every part of it was astoundingly addressed by Ms. Dash.

She also presented a brief talk on how more than one profession can be followed at a time and the art of learning priorities. Dr. Shyam Sundar Behura, Dy. Director Student Services gave the closing remarks and thanked Ms. Niharika Dash for sharing her expertise with the audience. He thanked team ‘Keurig’ for organizing the Talk Show and helping the audience get valuable information about healthy eating and living.

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