Faculty Members and Postgraduate Students from Department of Anaesthesiology KIMS, Participate in ISACON East ZONE 2023 & OSISACON 2023

The faculty members and postgraduate students of Department of Anaesthesiology KIMS, actively participated in the ISACON East ZONE 2023 & OSISACON 2023 held at MKCG College & Hospital Brahmapur. It was a three day CME-cum-Workshop.

Prof. Dr. Amrita Panda (HOD Dept. of Anaesthesiology) delivered her talk in a Pro-con debate session on “Preoperative fasting guidelines for clear liquids in children before anaesthesia”. She focused on the latest recommendations of liberal fasting regimes of clear liquids for children scheduled for surgery. This enhances improved outcomes both after anaesthesia and surgery as well. It improves the well-being of children by decreasing thirst, hunger, irritability and anxiety. Parenteral satisfaction is better with the incorporation of liberal fasting regimes, she added.

Prof. Dr. Amit Pradhan was the moderator for the session on the topic “Mono vs Combo in the Empirical therapy of Severe Sepsis”.Prof. Dr. Lingaraj Sahu was the faculty coordinator for cadaveric regional anaesthesia workshop in abdominal wall blocks along with Dr. Rajendra Sahoo as the chief workshop coordinator.

Post graduate students Dr. Bhanupratap Singh Gaur, and Dr. Prateek Mitra participated in the Professor P. K. Tripathi scientific paper competition. Other students Dr. Saman Beg, Dr. Shreyasi Mallick, Dr. Supriya Jena, Dr. Soumya Sahoo & Dr. Sourav Sahoo participated in Professor P. K. Mishra Poster competition & EAST ZONE poster competition. It was a good academic learning & experience for all the participants.    

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