To obtain survival on earth, we must achieve Global Peace: Prof. Ernesto Kahan


– Learn from Leader’ organizes Lecture Series on 9th November, 2018  in Auditorium, Campus-6.

Gracing the occasion, Recipient of 1985 Nobel Peace Prize and Vice-President, World Academy of Arts and Culture(USA) Prof. Ernesto Kahan correlated between peace, harmony, education, culture and democracy. He elucidated how democracy is supposed to be the better way of life and governance. He obliquely  said that peace is a very rare commodity and Civil Society must constitute faith, peace and harmony.

“Our society faces the possibility to absolutely exterminate  life on earth. But on the other hand, since the human society reached the necessary level of development, it is now possible to eliminate hunger completely from the world. In fact, each day around 24000 people die of hunger in different parts of the world,” said Prof. Kahan.

We should achieve  universal contract of harmony which will assure the peaceful relationship among the countries, what seemed incredible few years ago. The universal contract of harmony can be achieved through tolerance. In order to obtain survival on earth, we must achieve global peace, added the Nobel Laureate.

Renowned Indian Film Writer, Producer, Director and Actor Mr. Kabir Bedi  talked about significance of individuality and uniqueness as well as endless opportunism. He focused on contributions of the individuals to the society for adaption and how to make a mark by creativity. He also highlighted the  importance of love, compassion and kindness.

“Each one of us is amazingly unique. No one in  this world is exactly like you and there is a pressure on you to confirm. You are not fixed entity. Be adaptive to the era you live. Change your own evolution, but never loose from being a creator. Often learn how to recognize an opportunity. Thereafter you can see, learn and act on the opportunity. Be kind and compassionate for the  people as kindness is something that is being recognized by one and all,” advised Mr. Bedi.

Shri Niklaus Samuel Gugger, Hon’ble Member of Swiss Parliament, Switzerland cited the example of the Founder of KIIT & KISS, Dr. Samanta in highlighting his philosophy through love and compassion. He hailed Dr. Samanta as one of the biggest Social Entrepreneurs.

Presiding over the event, Prof. Ved Prakash, Chancellor, KIIT Deemed to be University said that the world is full of contradictions and let’s be very optimistic to overcome the contradictions. Appreciating the Founder of KIIT& KISS he said that no one has ever attempted the kind of experiments what Dr. Samanta has carried out, i.e. within a short span of time, KIIT has made a mark.

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