KiiT IS Hosts 2 Day Workshop-The Awakened Citizen Program

KiiT International School is playing host to The Awakened Citizen Program, a two day workshop conducted by Ramakrishna Mission. The program is a unique, research backed, three-year graded value education initiative which seeks to unlock the endless potential of every child by invoking Atmashraddha. It instills a sense of individuality from a realistic perspective without imposing barriers. Its core values being decision making, discovery, and a sense of evolving through conscious transformations Principals and teachers of schools across the region have participated in large numbers.

The program was inaugurated by Dr. Mona Lisa Bal, Chairperson, KiiT International School; Mr. T.Mate, CBSE RO; Dr. Sanjay Suar, Principal, KiiT International School and Ms. Chaitali Banerjee, Senior Resource Person, Ramakrishna Mission.

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