Blood Donation Camp by Youth Red Cross, KIIT

On the occasion of World AIDS Day on 1st December 2023, Youth Red Cross, KIIT in association with HDFC Bank team organized a blood donation camp at KIMS Blood Bank. Dr. Ashok Das, Director General, KIMS inaugurated the event in the presence of HDFC Bank officials, Mr. Bhanja Panigrahi, Vice President; Mr. Animesh Biswal, Vice President; Mr. Upamanyu Nayak, Deputy Vice President; Mr. Sambit Mohapatra, Assistant Vice President; Mr. Sudeep Panigrahi, Assistant Vice President  and Counsellors of YRC, KIIT,  Dr. Chitralekha Jena, Dr. Junali Jasmine Jena and Dr. Elisha Paikray.

YRC’s dedicated volunteers played a crucial role in the seamless execution of the event by assisting with logistics, ensuring a smooth flow of donors, and contributing to the overall success of the initiative. As a token of appreciation, the blood donors were presented with gifts and certificates, acknowledging their commendable efforts in participating in this noble cause. 

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