KIIT Law School MUN Society Organizes

Webinar on International Relations and Foreign Policy

The KIIT Law School MUN (Model United Nations) Society, under its Faculty Convener, Mr. Anirudha Choudhury, Assistant Professor, organized a webinar on International Relations and Foreign Policy concerning the recent hostilities in Afghanistan on 27th August, 2021. Dr. Amarendra Khatua, a career diplomat, was the chief speaker at the webinar.  

Dr. Khatua belongs to Indian Foreign Service, 1981 Batch. During his career, he  held various positions in the Ministry of External Affairs and Indian Missions abroad. He has held the positions as Director General, Indian Council for Cultural Relations; Dean, Foreign Service Institute, and also Secretary (Special Assignment) in the Ministry of External Affairs.

Speaking on the recent developments in Afghanistan, Dr.  Khatua pointed to the massive humanitarian crisis the country is facing. The need of the hour is to ensure safety of the people, rather than any diplomatic victories. A great deal of emphasis was given to the US diplomatic failure of stratospheric levels, similar to the one in Vietnam, as ultimately the democratic government in Afghanistan failed and the Taliban took over the country. He focused on the reason that led to this crisis. He also threw light on the incompetence of the last regime and its bureaucrats, because in the midst of such a huge humanitarian crisis engulfing their nation, they decided to flee.

KIIT Law School MUN Society Organizes Webinar on International Relations and Foreign Policy
The KIIT Law School MUN (Model United Nations) Society

Discussing India’s stance on the current crisis, he informed that under the Operation Devi Shakti India has till now evacuated 5800 Indians. However, 800 Indians are still stuck at the airport. India has a history of not interfering into other countries’ affairs, he pointed out, when asked about India’s likely stand towards the resistance brewing in Panjshir Valley.

Dr. Amarendra Khatua went through all the facts thoroughly and answered all questions and doubts of the students as well as faculty members. It was an enriching experience for them.

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