KSOM Conducts its First International Students’ Counseling Committee Meeting

The importance of counseling in a student’s life cannot be undermined or even stressed enough, especially in the post pandemic era. Staying confined in home for more than two years, losing out on the precious time of youth and post-pandemic stress and frustration have all contributed to the need.

KIIT School of Management (KSOM) conducted its first-ever International Students’ Counseling Committee (ISCC) meeting on April 15, 2022 at Kotler Hall to reach out to the international students on their issues and problems, and collectively look for solutions. Coming far from their countries, these students are vulnerable and emotionally fragile. Counseling them is the best way to help them battle their problems.

As many as 30 international students from BBA 1 and BBA 2 attended the meeting, which was conducted by Prof. Isa Mishra, Chairperson, BBA; Prof. Arvind Tripathy, ACOE; Prof. Saptorshi Das, BBA1 Co-ordinator & FIC, International Relations; Members from UGP Office – Sri Srikanta Parida and Ms. Prativa Tripathy; and Prof. Ritika Sharma, BBA2 Co-coordinator. Issues addressed and sorted out included understanding in learning sessions, hostel facilities and participation in co-curricular clubs. 

The meeting ended with the promise to have a monthly sit-down conversation with all international students to help them come to terms with their campus life at KIIT.

KSOM Conducts Its First International Students' Counseling Committee Meeting
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