SEN Globe Inaugurated at KiiT-IS (An expansion of the Special Education Needs Department)

A special education needs (SEN) has been inaugurated at KiiT International School on 12th December 2021. The SEN Globe will set another benchmark in inclusive education with extensive infrastructure in KiiT-IS. It is providing better remedial therapy, for their Special Educational Needs’ departmental wing. The SEN Globe was inaugurated in the presence of Ms. Merry Barua, Founder Director, Action for Autism National Centre for Autism, India; Ms. Indrani Basu Founder, Director of Autism Society West Bengal; Achyuta Samanta, Founder KIIT & KISS, and Dr. Mona Lisa Bal, Chairperson, KiiT International School.

In her speech Ms Barua said, KiiT-IS has done exemplary work in Odisha by establishing SEN Globe. It is a matter of pride that more than 400 differently-abled individuals have been employed by the KIIT Group of Institutes. KIIT has the capacity, infrastructure, and administrative mind to set up this kind of special wing. She thanked Dr. Samanta for this initiative. Ms. Basu said, it can be a game-changer for differently able children. It can show the whole world what inclusiveness is.

Dr. Samanta said, KiiT International School is a School in the entire eastern part, which is in the true sense international. This School is doing very well in all fields. We have systematically created an inclusive policy in KIIT & KISS that enables the differently able student and staff to work, study and flourish. This wing of KiiT International School will be useful to differently able students. KiiT International School is committed and has always recognized the importance and the role of Special Education.

Dr. Mona Lisa Bal stated that SEN Globe is a special education wing at KIIT international school having around 70 children with special educational needs with different kinds of special needs. We have children with reading difficulties, children with attention deficit and hyperactivity, children with autism spectrum disorder, and children with intellectual impairment. To cater to the different needs of these children, we provide occupational therapy, speech therapy, special education, cognitive therapy, behavior modification, and counseling with the help of 26 trained professionals. We are committed to creating a world where people with disabilities are fully included in all aspects of life – in the classroom and in our communities. It will be dedicated to catering to the needs of the children who need a little support and attention to pave their path towards the right to be educated as equals to envision a common future.” She said.  Dr. Sanjay Suar, Principal proposed the vote of thanks

SEN Globe Inaugurated At KiiT-IS (An Expansion Of The Special Education Needs Department)
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