KLS Faculty Invited as Chairperson & Presenter at International Commercial Law Conference

Ms. Lipsa Dash, Assistant Professor, KIIT Law School (KLS), was invited as a chairperson and presenter at the International Commercial Law Conference (ICLC) from 1st to 5th May, 2023 hosted by Brunswick European Law School (BELS) and organised by a collaboration with Coventry University, Brunswick European Law School, South-West University of Political Science and Law (SWUPL), Nebrija University and Islamic University of Indonesia.

Ms. Lipsa Dash visited Wolfenbüttel, Germany for the session and was also invited to take a collaborative lecture with Prof. Dr. Achim Rogmann, Dean International, BELS and Faculty of Law, Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences Customs Law, Border Measures, and Intellectual Property. She presented her paper co-authored with Ms. Sambhabi Patnaik, Assistant Professor, KLS on “Intellectual Property and Green-washing: Ethics and Practice.” She also visited the Braunschweig Administrative Court, Germany. 

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